Ingress Census Ends Tuesday Night

Ingress Census Ends Tuesday Night

Last night I posted a survey for Ingress players to Reddit (and then a number of other platforms).  It is a census of sorts, I was curious to know if the choice of team is informed by politics or age, but included lots of other questions that may be of interest to others.  As is the way with these things, the Internet took it and ran with it, and last time I checked there were over 1,200 responses.

There are interesting results immediately visible, some surprising (the large number of non-US players) and some less so (the male majority).After reading the feedback and consulting with a number of other players, I have put a definite end date of Tuesday night, at midnight UTC.  This should give a good balance of access to weekday and weekend Internet users, and help iron out the bumps of time zones and different platforms.  I would love to open up all the results immediately but I worry it might prejudice the results by motivating groups to increase the showing of their country/language/team etc, so please be patient!  On Tuesday night alongside a summary I will post the raw data in full.

censusThis is a survey of Ingress players, not Redditors or Google+ or IRC users, so please do consider passing the survey on to people who you know play the game but who won’t necessarily find it on those platforms.

I realise there are some questions (and some responses) that it would have been nice to include or expand on, but it’s too late to change it now, and the survey as is should offer a wealth of information in its current form.

And for those who haven’t yet completed it…

Link to the Ingress Census

TL;DR After one day the Ingress user survey has well over a thousand responses.  It will run until Tuesday night, please fill it out and share with fellow players.

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